Giant Rattan Wicker Log Basket 85cm x 70cm

Product Code: RAT100XL
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Giant Rattan Wicker Log Basket - 85 cm high x 70 cm diameter

(shown in photograph with medium basket)

This very large and very strong wicker basket is made from tough rattan vines and the four handles are woven into the structure of the basket so they will not drop off. It also means that two people can carry the basket when it is full of logs.

The rattan vine can be gathered from the rainforest without causing damage to the trees and Emily is working in partnership with The Katingan Project, a 200,000 hectare Ecosystem Restoration forest concession in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Her new project is called "Earth's Baskets" and she works directly with the rattan growers and wicker weavers in the local Dayak villages providing them with a source of revenue which does not involve logging or clearing the forest for palm oil plantations.

The natural colour variations make it an usually beautiful log basket and it can also be used in the garden as rattan is durable and shower proof.

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