Rattan Baskets from The Katingan Project who are protecting the forest in Borneo

Emily set up operation PLANET BASKET in 2013 to work directly with the local rattan industry alongside an important rain forest protection project in Katingan, Indonesian Borneo. The project aims to develop a sustainable forest management and climate change solution based around a 200,000 hectare peat forest Ecosystem Restoration Concession which is home to many critically endangered species such as Bornean orangutans, gibbons, clouded leopards and proboscis monkeys. For a full description of The Katingan Project click here.

star wars the force awakens uses baskets from katiungan

Emily is the first person to work with and market rattan products made by the people who also cultivate the rattan   Buy them online here.

The rattan vine is incredibly strong and it makes the most durable wicker available. In addition to this, these traditional basket designs have handles woven into the structure of the basket so they do not drop off.

Unprocessed, waste rattan is used which does not go through an industrial bleaching process so it has a naturally darker colour mix. 

By shipping direct from source of the rattan we minimise our carbon footprint as the raw rattan material is not transported thousands of miles to factories in Java or China before being made into something and then exported to Europe. In addition to this by supporting the people who live around the protected forest area and preventing illegal logging and burning each rattan item will actually have a negative carbon footprint .

operation PLANET BASKET provides a vital source of revenue for communities who would otherwise be forced into illegal logging, poaching or burning forest for palm oil cultivation.

Harrison Ford visited the rattan workshops in September 2013 filming the Emmy Award winning documentary The Years Of Living Dangerously and the first episode on deforestation was a partial tribute to the Katingan Project .

See more here The Years of Living Dangerously

Amazingly Harrison Ford saw the very same baskets used on set in Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens at Pinewood Studios as we supplied the production company. Watch out for them on fire in the market scene about  5 minutes into the movie.

Emily has visited the Katingan Project area in July 2012,  September 2012 , July 2013,  July 2015, January 2016 and most recently in March 2017.

rattan wicker work
rattan wicker work

Katingan on YouTube

There are some excellent videos about the Katingan  Project on YouTube