December 2010 - Boujis , South Kensington

POSH Graffiti 23cm and 12cm Gold Letters as seen on the BBC's Miranda Series 2

Ideal Home Complete Guide to Christmas - 2010 - 12cm Silver Letters and numbers used to make an unusual advent decoration

Ideal Home Complete Guide to Christmas - 2010 - Add 8cm and 20cm Wooden stars to your festive room decorations

Ideal Homes Complete Guide to Christmas - 2010 - 12cm White Letters and Snowflakes

Ideal Home - December 2010 - 23cm Silver letters used as special table decorations, to see other sizes and colours click here

Ideal Home - December 2010 - 8cm Gold simple Christmas tree decorations

Period Ideas - December 2010 - 23cm Gold letters, we also have the gold letters in 12cm and  other colours.

Spirit of Christmas 2010 - Emily Readet-Bayley Decorations, Wooden stars hand carved in white 8cm and white open stars 6cm. Also 12cm hand carved wooden snowflakes. For more details

POSH Graffiti on Pebbles by Emily Readett-Bayley - YOU Magazine August 2010

Living Etc - September 2010 - Faux Driftwood chair by Emily Readett-Bayley

Living Etc - September 2010 - Teak trestle table