House Beautiful Feb 2012

House Beautiful - February 2012 - Emily's house is featured. Quite a few of our products can be seen. On this page on the table in the foreground striped eggs and 30cm heart are displayed. On the walls there are faux driftwood and vine mirrors with a 43cm white letter R and there are fox and monkey table decorations with the 12cm silver letters

The 5cm hand carved white PEACE word can be seen on the mantlepiece with a natural apple on a kitchen table

In the Living room Emily has a lot of our POSH Salvage 'faux driftwood' furniture There is a 30cm red open heart hanging on the mirror, we stock many different colours and sizes of open heart

Again our 12cm silver letters are used in the VINTAGE sign,we stock many colours and sizes of POSH Graffiti

In the bedrooms Emily uses our POSH Graffiti letters, numbers and symbols to decorate small areas of the walls

POSH Salvage 'faux driftwood' furniture, reclaimed teak planters are used around the Balinese Bungalow in the garden. Other products shown are as described.