Wedding Ideas - July 2012 - POSH Graffiti 12cm gold MR & MRS is beautiful to use as wedding decoration or as a wedding present.

Wedding Ideas - July 2012 - 12cm POSH Graffiti Natural wildwood letters are lovely to use as a part of seaside decoration.

Style at Home - August 2012 - The 23cm-gold @ symbol is shown as a part of a stylish lettering display.

Property & Home with Phil Spencer - Summer 2012 - Our reclaimed teak bench is displayed on a chic garden decor page.

Florieren magazine (Germany) - The graffiti wall from our stand at the Christmas World trade fair in Frankfurt is shown. POSH Graffiti 12cm and 23cm letters can be seen with many of our decorations.

Living North - Summer 2012 - POSH Graffiti 23 and 12cm Floral letters look beautiful on a plain kitchen wall

Daily Telegraph - 9th June 2012 - Our POSH Salvage beautiful Reclaimed teak bench was featured in the Gardening section. We have many benches for sale, each is a unique piece of furniture.

Good Housekeeping - June 2012 -POSH Salvage Reclaimed teak table and bench set, many tables and benches are available and other items of furniture.

Good Housekeeping - March 2012 - POSH Graffiti 43cm gold D featured in a 'Get the look' page. our gold and silver letters come in 3 sizes now, 12cm, 23cm and 43cm.


The World of Interiors - March 2012 - Reclaimed teak dining table from Emily's POSH Salvage range credited in the 'inspiration' section of Ros Byam Shaw's feature 'The Ascetic Movement' . The World of Interiors

Furniture News Pages 104-105

Country Homes & Interiors - June 2012 - A decorative bamboo ladder is used as a lovely towel rail.

Country Homes & Interiors - June 2012 - Our reclaimed teak retro chair can be seen, have a look at our reclaimed teak furniture section to see other furniture and designs

Country Homes & Interiors - June 2012 - We have the natural apple in 2 sizes, 17cm and 7cm. Other fruits and colours are also available.

Country Living - June 2012 - The POSH Graffiti white 12cm R can be seen in the decorator's notebook.

Dogs Monthly - June 2012 - Our dog decorations are featured, see all the different decorations that we have!

iStock 2012 - Our POSH Graffiti Gold and Silver Numbers have been used to create images for 2012.

RSPB Young Magazine Bird Life -May-June 2012 - POSH Graffiti Gold Numbers are used for the2012 image

Country Homes & Interiors - April 2012 - Our POSH Graffiti 12cm wildwood natural wooden letters are used with a 16cm floral heart and floral eggs in a 'Love your walls' article.

Country Homes & Interiors - April 2012 - POSH Graffiti table decorations large natural pear and lifesize natural apple are used here. We also have large apples and other fruits and colours.


Woman and Home - April 2012 - The floral hen egg cups and floral eggs were chosen as fun items to buy for Easter featured on 'Our favourite things' page.

Good Housekeeping - March 2012 - POSH Graffiti 12cm floral letters are used, 23cm letters and numbers are also available.

Coast - March 2012 - POSH Salvage Reclaimed teak console table and Faux driftwood hanger are featured in a Coastal bathroom feature.